“Difficulties are things that show people who they really are!” A slave born in Hierapolis that was to become a saint-like figure for the Greeks and the Romans. Poor, homeless he struggled with super-human energy and dedication to ease the pain of the sufferings of humanity through his teachings. One of his gratest fans was Marcus Aurelius himself! Centuries later, the US Navy Admiral … Continue reading Epictetus

Anxious? Depressed? Try Greek philosophy

(Article published online at: telegraph.co.uk) By Jules Evans, 29 Jun 2013 Crippled by social anxiety and burnt out after a decade of hedonism, Jules Evans eventually found inspiration from the ancient Greeks. Here he tells how 2,000-year-old words of wisdom transformed his life and equipped him to help others solve their modern-day problems Growing up in the Nineties, my friends and I were amateur neuroscientists. … Continue reading Anxious? Depressed? Try Greek philosophy