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Forever Friends: Damon and Phidias

Damon and Phintias, also called Damon and Pythias, in Greek legend, a celebrated pair of friends who came to signify the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of a friend.

Democracy = Participation

In ancient Athens, contributing to politics -and in extent to your country- was considered the norm and highly desirable. Being apolitical and selfish was frowned upon. All good citizens aspired to be politically active. It was rare for someone to demonstrate apathy towards what was happening in their state and remain indifferent to common/public issues. […]

Women In Sports: The Heraean Games

Hera was the goddess of marriage, family, childbirth and the protectress of women. The Roman counterpart of Hera was Juno. For the Romans, Juno was the protector and special counselor of the State. The month of June is named after Hera’s Roman name. Some of the best known temples dedicated to Hera were the Heraion […]

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