``Wisdom begins in wonder``

Education transforms lives and should be at the heart of our efforts to solve the problems of our world today.

I am a passionate historian and archaeologist with a strongly held belief that education is a human right for all.

I blend expertise with education and articulate complexities in an easy-to-understand approach for my audience.  My ultimate aim when teaching is to install a love of learning, and to inspire my audience to think independently.

Greek Mythology

Explore a world of Gods, Monsters, and Heroes. A crash-course on Greek Mythology and the ways these stories had a lasting influence to Western art and literature.

Ancient Philosophy

The best introduction to the ideas and schools of thought that helped shape Western civilization, following the lives and deeds of ten Ancient Greek philosophers..

Origins Of Democracy

Why did the Ancient Athenians create a government by the People, for the People? How can those ancient ideas help us face the challenges of today? Let’s find out together in this workshop about Democracy.

Battle Of Marathon

A presentation based on ancient sources and the latest archaeological evidence. An analysis and discussion of the Persian wars, from Marathon, to Thermopylae and Salamis. The battles for Freedom!


Heroes of Philosophy

An easy-to-read guide to the world of Ancient Greek Philisophy.
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