Democracy as the Rule of Laws

Aeschines’ Speech on Democracy Aeschines, an ancient Athenian politician, stated back in the 4th century BC that the defining characteristic of democracy is that it is rule by the Law! Not rule by a person, a group of chosen ones, not even rule by the people. In a democracy it’s a set of principles asContinue reading “Democracy as the Rule of Laws”

Crazy? -Three reasons why D.Trump will be the next US President

  He’s portrayed as the underdog His opponent should be rollin’. She’s struggling His boisterous public speaking My personal opinion about Donald Trump doesn’t matter. But I can’t help but thinking that many american citizens miss the days when Sara Palin was the scariest republican candidate ever. However improbable this seems right now, if someoneContinue reading “Crazy? -Three reasons why D.Trump will be the next US President”