Martin King shot to death: R. Kennedy’s dramatic address

April 4th 1968. Martin Luther King, Jr was shot and killed. New York’s senator Robert Kennedy, wanted to deliver the devastating news to the people of Indianapolis. In his improvised speech, he informed the gathered crowd of the assassination, adding: ‘… But we have to make an effort in the United States, we have toContinue reading “Martin King shot to death: R. Kennedy’s dramatic address”

Ultimate Girl Power

The trireme The foundation of Athens’ power was her formidable navy. While most other Greek city-states could only afford a couple of dozen triremes, the Athenian Navy could deploy more than 200 triremes (!) We’re lucky enough to have full catalogs of names of warships of the Navy of Ancient Athens. Check out some ofContinue reading “Ultimate Girl Power”

The Judgement of Paris

The Golden Apple of Discord The goddess of quarrel and strife was Eris. She was sister and companion of murderous Ares, the GreekĀ  god of war and daughter of Nyx (Night). Unhappy and displeased that she was not invited to the wedding ceremony of Peleus (the king of the island of Aegina) and Thetis (theContinue reading “The Judgement of Paris”