About George Kokkos

Born in 1975 in Athens, Greece, I’ve studied Ancient History and Archaeology in Britain and in Greece. I’ve worked in excavations, as a translator, and as a private tutor. Since 2010 I’m working with schools and universities from the US and Europe as an Educational Tourism Expert.

An aspiring science popularizer and indefatigable lecturer in academic or tourism settings, my mastery is to make accessible complex and profound subject matter that can then be appreciated by an extremely broad audience. I’m passionate about history, philosophy, and education for all.

My main focus the last five years is the history of the Ancient Athenian democracy and her impact on modern-day republics. I’ve lectured extensively in places like schools, universities, the European Commission Learning Center, while I took part in various British, German, French and Greek TV specials (on DW, TF1, Channel 5, etc) to discuss about history and the value of democracy.

democracy ppics (1)

Origins of Democracy

4 thoughts on “About George Kokkos

  1. Hey George, in 2015 you were our Athens tour guide. You told us about the battle of marathon and I said that I would write a play about it. Well it’s done and I will present it to my students soon. I wanted to offer you the chance to read it and let me know your thoughts. Either way, thanks for your inspiration and passion, it goes farther than we evr expect.

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