2 thoughts on “What’s the secret of change?

  1. Hmm… I must say I humbly do not agree. Well, that is to say that I agree on the words, but not on their correlation to the philosopher. I’ve read the Platonic Dialogues and nothing of this sort was ever even hinted at by the player Socrates. You should review his ‘Conception of Knowledge and the Priorities’. Remember also that he was an empiricist, not some prophet of pseudo-metaphysics.

    • Very interesting. Thanks for your comment.

      You are right: this is not an actual, precise quotation of Socrates. I just uploaded it because I believe it summarizes the essense of one of the subjects that is discussed in “Protagoras”.
      I don’t quite agree with your last phrase. Socrates and Plato didn’t occupy their minds with Metaphysics. Sure. This is true. But we can’t go so far as to call them “empiricists”… They did rely a lot on observation (as the majority of Greek philosophers did) but they also believed -esp.Plato- that the “phenomenon” can be decieving. This is also another reason that Plato turned his eyes towards the “world of ideas”.

      -Just a few words about a huge subject.
      Best wishes for 2014.

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